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The Woodlands Sprinkler Repair

Needing service on your irrigation system?

Our sprinkler repair experts work on all types of irrigation systems. We work on residential sprinklers and commercial systems. The 3 most common types is sprays, rotorsbusiness award sprinkler company, or drip system. Our trucks are stocked with the most common parts by the manufacturers that are most relevant to our area. The manufacturers are Rainbird, Hunter, Toro, Weathermatics, Irritrol, Febco.

We are experiencing a new wi-fi controller that is having very good response called SkyDrop. It is very user friendly, it works on Apple and Android devices. It reads weather information from a local weather station. It takes reading after we enter our information about plant soil and sun types and calculates a watering schedule. The homeowner can override program and water to their own likes also.

We install quite a few of the new controllers. It is about time the sprinkler industry is starting to embrace the technology. New controllers that were only accessable to the large commercial clients. Is finally becoming affordable to the residential customers. They have become more economical so they have become more common place to everyone. This makes it easier for us to help our customers manage there systems.

Maybe you just need help repairing a sprinkler line, repairing a sprinkler head, replacing a irrigation valve. We can help you with your repair or create a maintenance program for your lawn.

So if you get in a bind and your system doesn’t respond correctly He would love to be your sprinkler repair company in The Woodlands and surrounding communities.

1000 of homeowners and businesses trust there sprinkler systems to The Woodlands Sprinkler Repair.

As a sprinkler repair contractor we are trying to tell our customers why they should be saving water. If the customer is not understatnding why they should save water. Then they won't be interested in saving water.

Call us for information on why we need to save water and how we can help you save water and money. Do you know how much money you would save on your water bill if your sprinkler syatem was watering the correct amount of water each time it came on? Or only came on when your vegatation was needing water for optimal growth.

We provide all types of irrigation system repairs.

  • Heads 
  • Valves 
  • Timers 
  • Sprinklers 
  • Drip 
  • Backflow Certification  

 Lawn Sprinkler Repair - Lawn sprinkler repair and preventative maintenance are a requirement for a healthy, green, and beautiful lawn. Bi-annual tune-ups ensure proper and adequate water coverage. Our technicians use water conserving nozzles and applicators so all the water is usedmost efficient. 

Sprinkler Valve Repair - Low or no pressure usually is an indication of a sprinkler valve repair. Our technicians carry all types of valves and parts to ensure a quick and efficient fix. We have a five year warranty on all of our valves. If your valve is stuck open we provide 24 hour emergency service. 

Sprinkler Head Repair - A broken sprinkler wastes more water than any other part of your system. Sprinkler head repair consists of installing the proper head, changing the nozzles as needed, and maintaining the proper height of the head thru the riser. 

Sprinkler Pipe Repair - Bubbling water or a wet area is usually the indications of a broken sprinkler pipe. Proper sprinkler pipe repair is our specialty. We use only the best quality pipe and fittings as well as the highest standard in primer and glue.

Do you have a beautiful yard or ugly patches of brown grass? Your lawn sprinkler system is the key to a gorgeous landscape.

The Woodlands Sprinkler Repair 

 TX LI 6529

  • Fix it right  
  • Fix it once  

The most common brands we repair are:

  • Rainbird  
  • Hunter  
  • Toro  
  • Irritrol  
  • Weathermatic  
  • Orbit  

  Houston Sprinkler Repair can help you solve these problems.

  • Wet spots?  
  • Dry spots?  
  • Low pressure?  
  • Are your sprinklers not coming on at all?  
  • Will your sprinklers not turn off?  

We are at your service!

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Simple Repair Call : We adjust each head,
as we troubleshoot the system.  We will
do as little or as much as you want. 

Adjustments should typically be done once per year.  Remember, save water,
save money.

We use only the highest quality irrigation materials from Rain Bird, Toro, Hunter, Irritrol and more. All of our work is 100% guaranteed.

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  •  Panther Creek
  • Carlton Woods
  • Cochrans Crossing
  • Grogans Point
  • Cascade Canyon
  • Sterling Ridge
  • Alden Bridge
  •  Creekside
  • Creekside Park
  • Grogans Mill
  • Player Trail

And many others...